v.Telgter Spreng Tollers               

      Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers




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Previous Litters

Molly was bred by Bracken , we hope to welcome pups  late januar 2013  Contact  us for more information.  COI for this pedigree is 0,24% over 6 generations                                                                                                        

                        x             foto Saskia Riemer

                                   Bracken                                                         Molly
 HD-A    ED-Free HD-A
 CEA-clear CEA-Clear
 ECVO voorlopig vrij ECVO volledig vrij tot 02-11-2013



 Pedigree pups  Molly x Bracken

 Trilliumview's Copper Bracken


Seastar's Roaneden Darkwater  Kylador's Bustin Thru Th'reeds
 Seastar's Sadie Hawkins
 Kylador's Gracing Trilliumview Kylador's Zseaforth Firetorch 
 Kylador's Xquisitely Diva
Jitthu's Pabla v. Telgter Spreng

Hutch Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure
Alizé of Great Pleasure
Gispi's Jittalène v. Telgter Spreng Kanadickens Danish Hot Spice
Perat Gisée v.d. stam de Duffelt





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Before you decide to take me home

This warning I must impart;

I will dig up your garden,

Chew up your house,

And then I will steal your heart!!


                                                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Copyright: M.C.Wentink-Keemink