v.Telgter Spreng Tollers               

      Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers


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mating planned Molly x Bracken   

Boris  (Bonouk's Inmotion v. Telgter Spreng) can be used as studdog.

The pups from Ninouk x Peter Pan are born om 11-10-2011, 5 girls, 4 boys    See birthstory  Daily new pictures


Pups from Jitta x Hutch are born on 22-02-2010          

Pups from Ninouk x Bono are born on 27-12-2009          

 The mating between Jitta and Hutch took place at 22 and 23 december. Pups are expected around 23-02-2010

Gisée Best Veteran/ BOS/Winster/  at the Amsterdam Winner-Show 29-11-2009

New pictures from Moro, Nova, Dimple, Jetta  and Kiara

The Bunjitta's  left us, to their new families Nova, Tyko, Dimple, Jetta , Moritz , Moro and Terras, we had  a wonderfull time with you. Moro stays ( Our Dogs)

The pups from  Jitta and Bungee are born on 08-12-2008

            dayly new pictures  , look here for week 8

Showresult Ninouk and Jitta 14-09-2008,  Torak 07-09-2008

Gisée´s son, Torak, can be used as studdog. For information contact Mrs. Hanny Poos







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